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Retention of title

Retention of title

Summary out of the Coal Control terms of delivery and sales

Retention of title and other securities

1.  We shall retain the right of title to any goods until such time as full payment is received for all accounts receivable from the Buyer, including any receivables which may arise in future from the business relationship.

2.  Goods under retention of title and supplied by us shall always be processed and converted to the exclusion of any acquisition of title under Section 950 of the German Civil Code on our behalf but without incurring any commitment on our part. The goods processed shall serve as our security only in the amount of the value of the goods under retention of title. In the event of any processing by the Buyer with goods not belonging to us, we shall have the right of co-title to the new product in the ratio of the value of goods supplied by us (invoiced value) with the result that this new product is then subject to retention of title within the meaning of these conditions.

3.  The Buyer shall be entitled to process and to sell the goods under retention of title in the orderly course of business.

4.  The Buyer shall hereby assign to us by way of security all receivables due to him, including balances receivable from current account agreements, any treatment, processing or incorporation of those goods supplied by us; this shall apply equally to claims of the Buyer arising from any other cause in law (insurance, tort etc.) in respect of the goods under retention of title. Assignment shall in each case be restricted to the value, as indicated in our invoices, of the goods delivered. Should the Buyer's customer have effectively excluded the assignment of receivables, the Buyer and ourselves shall, within our internal relationship, act as if the afore-mentioned receivables of any type assigned to us in advance have been effectively assigned to us. We shall be authorized by the Buyer to assert the amount receivable in his name for our account as soon as the Buyer is no longer entitled, in accordance with the arrangement set out below, to collect the amount receivable in his own name.

5.  We irrevocably authorize the Buyer to collect the receivables assigned to us for own account and in his name. As soon as the Buyer fails to meet any obligation to us or any circumstance specified in Item IV.6 arises, the Buyer shall, at our request, disclose the assignment and furnish us with the necessary information and documents. We shall also be entitled to notify the Buyer's debtors of the assignment directly and to demand payment from them.

6.  Once delivered, the goods must neither be pledged nor assigned by way of security without our consent. In the event of third parties'acts aimed at obtaining the goods under retention of title, the Buyer shall draw attention to our title, inform us without delay and provide us with any assistance that is necessary to safeguard our rights.

7.  In the event of the Buyer acting in breach of contract - in particular default in payment - we shall be entitled to assert our retention of title and to demand the immediate surrender of the goods under retention of title and, by ourselves or through agents, obtain their direct possession or, if necessary, to demand assignment of the Buyer's claims for the return of the goods from third parties. Asserting the retention of title shall not involve withdrawing from the contract. 

8.  If the value of securities existing in our favour exceed our receivables by total of more than 20 %, we shall, at the Buyer's request, undertake in this respect to release securities of our choice.

9.  The Buyer shall adequately insure all goods under retention of title against fire and theft. Any claims for damages against the insurers shall hereby be assigned to us in the amount of the value of goods under retention of title.