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Belt Monitoring
SPLICE CONTROL Link Monitoring
RIP CONTROL Belt Rip Detection
CORD CONTROL Steel Cable Monitoring
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RIP CONTROL Belt Rip Detection

Your conveyors are equipped with steel cabel or textile belts? You have often had the experience of longitudinal belp rips in your conveyor or don't want to make any experience with it?

Coal Control can help you and minimize your belt damage and economic loss to a manageable risk.

Why do you need a Belt Rip Detection System?

Both in steel cable belts as well as in textile belts damages can occur due to foreign materials. Coal Control provides for monitoring of conveyor belts a way to hedge risk positions of a conveyor. Risk positions are the points of a conveyor, where loading and unloading of the belt is done. These points represent a particularly high risk for a belt rip. A belt rip occurs mostly as a longitudinal slit, caused by foreign materials, which settle in the conveyor belt or the conveyor construction In case of incident, it is not just about the damage to the conveyor belt, but also the time in which production has to be stopped to carry out the repair.



Coal Control Belt Rip Systems can minimize a possible longitudinal slit at a limited distance and save you this trouble. Sensor Loops, which are vulcanized into the conveyor belt are analyzed with the help of the ripcontrol.png Belt Rip Detection systems and provide a possible shutdown to avoid a larger longitudinal slit and keep the economic damage as much as possible.

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